Google Chrome 10.0.612.3 Dev for Windows

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Publisher: Google

Last updated: December 21, 2010

File Size: 24.1 MB

OS Support: Windows (all)

License: Freeware

Publisher’s Description

This version is intended for only for developers and early testers.

How to get the new version?

1. If you don’t have Google Chrome, install it from
2. Subscribe to the developer preview channel. This is required even if you’ve previously subscribed to the channel.
3. Wait until the new version is downloaded (you may force the updatie by opening the “About Google Chrome” dialog).

“The Dev channel is where ideas get tested (and sometimes fail). The Dev channel can be very unstable at times, and new features usually require some manual configuration to be enabled. Still, simply using Dev channel releases is an easy (practically zero-effort) way for anyone to help improve Google Chrome.”

If you don’t like the new version, you can always downgrade to the most recent stable version by reinstalling Chrome.

What’s New:

Update: The Dev channel has been updated to 10.0.612.3 for Windows and Mac to correct a RegEx regression.

The Dev channel has been updated to 10.0.612.1 for Mac, Windows and Linux

This release fixes several crashes as well as:


* Updated V8 –
* Updated WebKit – 534.15


* Google Cloud Print sign-in interface is now out from behind a flag and can be found in Under the Hood (Issue 60092)


* Various minor tweaks to tab overview mode (Issue 50307)
* 25% less logspew when loading the PDF plugin
* Sandbox the GPU process (Issue 48607)
* Experimental popup blocker animation
* Fix stuck hover state in bookmark button (Issue 27073)

Known Issues

* There is no space between the Apps- and the Most Visited-Sector (Issue 67073)
* The expanded Apps-Sector becomes unvisible after clicking on it (Issue 67075)

More details about additional changes are available in the log of all revisions.

You can find out about getting on the Dev channel here:

If you find new issues, please let us know by filing a bug at

Alternatively you can download the latest stable version of this software.

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