How To Hide Your Identity From Truecaller App

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Truecaller is one of the widely used smartphone app for identifying the unknown callers. It is used by million of people just to get rid of the mystery beyond the unknown numbers. It doesn’t depend on any mobile service operators to identify the numbers. Truecaller upload your contact list while you are installing the app and wise verse it will retrieve the information previously stored in their server while you search for the unknown numbers.


Hide unlist Phone Number from Truecaller

On one hand its very useful to identify the person behind the unknown numbers while going back to the other side, if you look at some one, the same thing will happen in counter verse anyone can look at you using your number. Let us consider if you mistakenly dialed to a unknown person, then there may be a chance he can identify you and misuse your identity. The risk factor increases that unknown person will easily identify you because it displays the location and mostly contacts are suffixed or prefixed with some specific name such as organization or institute name or something else which makes the search simple. So its better to know how to unlist your number from the Truecaller’s database for your privacy reason.

Hide / Unlist your Identity From Truecaller Directory

Truecaller itself provide a option to unlist a number from its directory. You can unlist your number from Truecaller in simple easy steps.

Step : 1

Visit this link You will redirect to the Unlist Page.

Step : 2

Unlist number from truecaller


1. Enter your Phone Number along with your country code ex : +xxyyyyyyyyyy (xx-country code    yyyyyyyyyy – Phone number)

2. Enter the Chatpata image for verification

3. Click on Unlist Button

That’s all done, your number is unlisted from the Truecaller directory within a matter of minutes and sometime it may take time of maximum of 24 HRS. Now you can check your number in Truecaller database, it will show the result ” No Match Found”.

truecaller unlisted contact


Now your number is permanently unlisted from the Truecaller database. Only your number is unlisted from the directory and still you can see unknown numbers in Truecaller database.

Add your number back to Truecaller List

You can add back your number to the list if you use a Windows Phone, Android or iPhone. You can relist your number by re-verifying your phone number. Open the app > settings > “3-dot menu” > Deactivate > then verify your number again and write your name then within 24 hours your name will be updated.
If you are not using neither of the mentioned devices then provide your name and phone number including country code to the Truecaller support team and within 24 hours your number is added to the list.

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